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Originating in Boston, MA, Celestial City Symphony Orchestra (CCSO) was conceptualized in 2018 by Michael Burrowes as an outlet for his music: a fusion of progressive power metal, film score-inspired orchestrations, and elements of electronic and ambient music. ​


By early 2020, Burrowes began making plans for the project's debut EP. He tapped talent from across the progressive metal scene, including Nathan Navarro (Devin Townsend), Poh Hock Kee (Native Construct), and Cristian Perez (Dark). The EP, Starfall, released on December 4, 2020.


Burrowes fully entered production for the project's first full-length album in early 2021. "City in the Sky," released June 10, 2022, includes giants such as Mike Semesky (Raunchy, ex-Intervals), Conner Green (Haken), and more. A more thorough production and writing process expands on the textural ideas explored in Starfall, while achieving much stronger sound quality and a new depth of concept. As of August 2022, City in the Sky reached over 160,000 total streams on Spotify, resulting in over 8,000 monthly listeners.

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